Piazza dell' Amfiteatro, built on a 2nd century Roman Amphitheater.


Lucca has been an important municipality and center for trade since the time of the Romans.  In the 12th century it became one of the first republics, its citizens attaining the right to vote for the city's leadership.  It flourished under the Medici and became a center for the silk trade as well as banking.  When Napoleon took the city, he was so impressed that he invited his sister to pick her choice of the chateaus as her summer home.  Today its 50,000 residents still live in buildings dating back as much as 1,000 years, walk its narrow streets in the evening, and hustle off to 21st century jobs in the morning. 

One of several gateways to the city.

The Tower of Trees.



A wine cellar in Lucca.  The proprietor ducked my query as to his oldest bottle, 

but he retrieved one sealed in 1946, my birth year.  It was a bargain at $600 Euros.

Drainage canal.

Fresh water. 

Evident is the remodeling of this window over its 1,000 years. 

Late afternoon sun in Lucca.

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