The walled town of Volterra at the top of a hill.

Volterra is a beautifully preserved walled town sitting at the top of a hill about 40km southeast of Livorno.  This citadel held off the Roman forces for nearly two years, and was one of the last in the area to fall under Roman rule in 80BC.   The approach to Volterra is striking for its bare, rolling hills.  The iron content in much of the land makes it unsuitable for agriculture.  However, on reaching the summit, one is presented with a picturesque city, dating to the middle ages, with a compelling view of the surrounding countryside.

Entering the town.

A town plaza.

A great place for walking.


A residential setting in Volterra.

The town is known for its alabaster carving.

Gelato with Cappuccino or Italian soda, the pause that refreshes.

The cathedral preserves some very old paintings. 

The way home.

Volterra evening. 

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