Entering port at Mazatlan.  In town at an internet cafe, we happened to meet the owner of the schooner on the left.  He planned to sail Mexico for another year and then head around the world.



An offloading tanker.  Got a good deal on red lead paint.


Pulling across the ship's lines.  They put them over the trailer hitch on the old Pontiac, which served as a perfect tractor for pulling them tight.

The other side of the ship channel was formed by Stone Island.  We spent our morning there on its fine beaches.

We walked two blocks from the ship and caught this $2.00 ferry to Stone Island.

Ferry passengers.

We saw no other "gringos" on Stone Island.

These guys were grazing beside the road.


A fishing boat coming into harbor.

A man named Marisco invited us to relax in his open air Taverna.  He spoke good English.  I asked where he was from, and he said that he was born and raised right here on Stone Island.  Eric, here, is cooling off in the lagoon.

Carla found a comfortable place under Marisco's palm roof.

Marisco's beach.  The beach in the distance is also part of Stone Island and has numerous little resorts used by locals.  We saw no other foreign tourists.

In the afternoon, we hired a driver to take us around in his VW Thing.  He was a cheerful soul and gave us the grand tour.

Old Mazatlan has the feel of an old Spanish town.  It is built back from a rocky shoreline.

Iguana's are as common here as geckos are in the Asian tropics.

A shady plaza in Old Town.

When on vacation in Mazatlan a few years ago, Pat and I attended the opera.  We liked it so much we wanted to revisit the building.  Over one hundred years old, it was massively restored about ten years ago.

Entrance to the opera.

One of its stair cases. 

Doorway onto the street.

Things are cheap, ubiquitous taxis used all over Mazatlan.

Downtown cathedral.

Quite a beautiful interior.

The Splendor docked in Mazatlan.  Stone Island is in the background.


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