In Cabo Bay.

Pat was retiring from 40 years in pediatric critical care nursing, it was our 36th wedding anniversary, and we wanted a vacation.   Cruises are a bargain, so we went for it, a one week trip out of Long Beach to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas and back.   We checked with the kids to see if they wanted to go.  Irene was too new at her job to take off, but Eric and Carla said yes, so we made it a foursome.  In short, it was fantastic.  I'll try to let the pictures tell most of the story.
The Ship


The obligatory lifeboat drill.


Leaving Long Beach

The waterslide.

Working on a sunburn.  Temperatures were cool down the Pacific coast, but passing the tip of the Baja Peninsula they jumped 30 degrees.

Three pools.  The adults only pool on the stern. 

One of about 7 bands or singing groups on the ship.

Plenty of time to just do this.  We saw dolphins and seals.  The whales are north this time of year. 

And plenty of time to hone that irresistible persona.

There were two formal dining rooms as well as multiple buffet options open much of the day and night.  The wait staff sang and danced most nights.

Carla getting into the spirit of the moment.

The stereotype is that shipboard life is nonstop eating at the trough.  While it can be, there are plenty of interesting options.  For example, one of the buffet options was the ship's Tandori Oven, where a variety of savory chicken and meat was available as well as fresh nan bread.  But also available were wonderfully spiced vegetarian chickpeas, curry and other items.  One of the most popular buffet lines was the Mongolian BBQ, where again one could design a well flavored vegetarian dish, or just go sensibly on the meat.  The salad bars were expansive and offered plenty of options; the omelet station offered egg-beaters and a variety of fillings.  The pizza station was open nearly 24 hours, and offered thin crust pizza with eight assortments of toppings or you could design your own.  My favorite was De Chevre, consisting of  goat cheese, Italian mushrooms, and a bit of olive oil.  There were always sugar free deserts available.  At the dining room, there were plenty of choices, and entree portions were sized so as not to be overwhelming.  There were always light entrees available.  Pat actually lost three pounds on the cruise, primarily because she was walking much more than at home.

The pie on the left was sugar free.  I was sitting on the right. 

And, of course, the Towel Animals.


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