Taipei, looking from the Grand Hotel.  The 103 Building, left of center, is the tallest building in the world.


It was my great honor to be asked to speak to Morrison Academy during the week of the Class of 2007's graduation.  The trip closely followed the birth of my niece, Tia, to Sam and Debryn Webster in Taiwan.  It was an opportunity for my sister, Dorothy, to fly from Germany to help with the care of Tia, to attend the graduation and alumni events, and to see Taiwan for the first time since she graduated in 1968.

Bruce Moore, the Development Director for Morrison, was my host, and he was kind enough to give Dorothy and me a tour of Taipei, of Tanshui at the northern tip of Taiwan where we lived for a time, and of Sun Moon Lake, which was the vacation spot we enjoyed growing up.

The following are a selection of the pictures of our time in Taiwan in May, 2007.

My sister, Dorothy, and me at our house at Christ's College near Tanshui.  This was the last house I lived in before leaving for college.



The Tanshui River, looking from Christ's College.  The movie, "The Sand Pebbles," with Steve McQueen was filmed here.

The dining hall at Christ's College.  My father and step-mother, Dick and Flo Webster, were married here.



Cured plums and other treats.



Siesta time.  A Buddhist procession in Tanshui.



Demon figures.



The dragon dance.





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