The Yangtze River

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Our ship on the left which took us down the Yangtze.  A "new-city" above.


Our Chinese passenger ship was adequate if not opulent.  Our first class accommodation was the biggest room on the ship, but it came with a single double bed.  The second class rooms off our companionway were considerably smaller but they had two beds, so Sam and I let it be known we might be willing to trade.  The engendered some excitement, so Sam and I inspected the various rooms until we found one with a western toilet.  We made the trade, to the great happiness of that couple and the bewilderment of the other guests.

The room was small, and the toilet ended up leaking.  It was definitely not a Carnival cruise, but if one viewed it as a couple days of camping it was very comfortable.  Our outside wall was a glass window, which we kept open, and in late April the temperatures were perfect.  It reached a high of perhaps 80 in the daytime and a low of 60 at night.  However, everyone confirmed that a month later, the Yangtze valley would be a steaming cauldron.  The views from our window, or anywhere on the ship, were incessantly beautiful and interesting.  

Our second class room.

Sam enjoying the view from the fantail.

Hauling a net.  Large cat fish and what seemed to be big perch were sold by the vendors.

A seven hour tour through the three "little" gorges was spectacular.

This place would be a rock climbers paradise.  

A "sampan experience" took us deeper into the gorges.

Diesel outboard engine found on most fishing sampans.

The second day we rode dragon boats to tour another canyon.  Since most guests can't swim, some angst was evident.

We raced these a short distance, which was certainly the first time most guests had paddled a boat.

Grabbing lunch on a tour.

One of four locks ships step through at the dam.

It was a fascinating 12 days in China which left me with much to ponder.  I was able to spend time in Chengdu, the city where my sister, Dorothy, was born.  We found the site of our old house in Leshan and found the city to be very much like the city of Tainan, Taiwan, where I spent most of my childhood.  And I was able to redo some of the Yangtze River trip and replace my fuzzy memories with new images.  The people were warm, and the culture could not have been more like the culture of my upbringing.  Yes, much to ponder.

Don Webster

A five star tourist ship.

The obligatory sunset picture.

The End

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