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Cariboo Falls 1

The top of Cariboo Falls

We started Day 6 by paddling to the south end of Una Lake and taking the mile long hike to Cariboo Falls.  There was an impressive amount of water falling perhaps 100 feet and then smaller falls and big rapids further down. 

We then went back to Una, packed up, and had an interesting day of paddling small creeks, several short portages, and several small but very beautiful lakes.  The sun came out mid-morning and we enjoyed the full on view of the snow capped mountains around us.

Cariboo falls 2

Don and Dan in the mist of the falls.
Video of Cariboo Falls -opens in new window or tab.


After paddling a small creek out of the Cariboo River, we did a short portage to Babcock Lake.

Spectacle Lake

Heading north on the flat water of Spectacle Lake and looking at the mountain near our destination, another day away.


The still water was so reflective it was disorienting.

Senor Pato

Senor Pato is the duck that accompanies Dan on all his adventures.  Here, the good Senor adds his legacy to the cook shelter at the north end of Spectacle Lake.

Record for doing Bowron Lakes

Eric Jensen holds the record for doing the entire circuit in one day.  Hard to imagine.

Spectacle Campsite

Our final campsite at the north end of Spectacle Lake.  Note the tent pads with well drained sand and gravel.  Rem and Dan used expensive tents which were very waterproof.  I used a cheap tent with an expensive tarp to keep the rain off.  Both systems had their virtues.

Walk on beach

Rem walks on the beach at Spectacle Lake.  The tracks near the water are human.  The tracks closer to the trees are large moose tracks.

Lilly Pads

This lilly pond was immediately adjacent to our campsite.  The campers leaving when we got there, said that the previous evening a large bull moose had emerged onto the beach and shaken its antlers at them.  He then proceeded to a tree which he violently dismembered of its branches.  They were impressed.

It rained all night at Spectacle Lake, and it was rainy the next morning.  It was to be our last day of paddling, so we ignored the weather, broke camp and set out.  It rained all day and in the afternoon, as we reached Bowron Lake, the wind picked up, into our faces.  With our destination in sight four miles away, we paddled hard up Bowron Lake and finally reached the dock for the Provincial Park at about 3PM.  We were cold and almost hypothermic. The last indignity was a steep portage up to the parking lot.  We took no pictures on day seven because of the steady rain.

As we got into dry clothes and warmed up, we felt a sense of satisfaction that we seen some marvelous scenery and accomplished a physical challenge that we would not forget.  I am grateful to have had Dan and Rem as paddling partners.  They were well organized, resourceful, and did not complain in the face of inconvenience or discomfort.  Their sense of humor made the trip fun, and their interesting backgrounds gave us much to talk about as we passed the hours paddling.  Bowron Lakes Provincial Park offers a unique experience and I'm glad I was able to have such an interesting kayaking experience.
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