The Islands of Barkley Sound


We had half a day left, and decided to use it trolling for salmon.  We checked our pots, and then passed through the island chain north of Poett Nook to access a bay at the back of Barkley Sound.  It was drizzling and windy, so our progress was slowed somewhat by considerable chop on the Bay.

The islands in Barkley Sound are stunning.  Many have limestone outcroppings which have been eroded by wind and water into striking shapes.  Caves at water level are common.  

The population in the islands is sparse.  Some of the islands have a tiny Native American community, a few others have fish farm operations.  Very occasionally, there is a fishing lodge or private home.  The Broken Islands in the center of Barkley Sound are a National Park, primarily used by kayakers.  There are a half dozen campgrounds scattered among those islands. 

The salmon fishing did not prove productive.  "That's fishing."  We finished the trip by gathering our last prawns  and preparing the pots for storage. 

It took a couple of hours to haul the boats and pack up.  We left Poett Nook with a sense of having had a truly fine encounter, with friendships made, in a beautiful setting.       


Seagulls, feasting on shellfish.



An abandoned home in a picturesque setting.

Nearby, an abandoned boat.

A lighthouse marks a tight passageway.

The GPS depiction of the passage above.

The salmon fishing was not productive.


A huge seagull rookery at the back of Barkley Sound. 

A very attractive home on one of the islands. 

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