We left Skagway with the sun moving behind snow capped mountains, and having enjoyed four singularly beautiful days in what is normally a rainy Alaska Panhandle.  As we emerged from dinner, we saw a final glowing sunset, with just enough light left to enjoy grey whales playing in the golden glow.

As we sailed through the night and moved west into the open Pacific, the fog and drizzle settled in.  Since our only task the next day was to put miles beneath the hull, the damp weather was not an issue.  We used the time to explore shipboard activitie that we had not had time to try before.  We also enjoyed the time to visit before we went off in our separate ways.

On our last night, the ship pulled into Victoria to give us a few evening hours in that enchanting city.  Victoria, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, is the Provincial Capital of British Columbia.  It is a particularly striking small city, both because of the classic architecture of its government buildings, but also because it has a very British feel, with charming Victorian homes, invariably decorated with well tended English gardens.


Joyce and Jennifer enjoying the conversation as we move south away from Skagway.

photo: Phil Johnson

Empress Hotel Victoria

Empress Hotel, Victoria B.C.

Photo: Don Webster

Provincial Capital Victoria

Provincial Capital, Victoria.

photo: Don Webster

Street Performer, Victoria

On a comfortable evening, the Victoria harbor is busy with street vendors and performers.

photo: Don Webster

It was a great cruise, not only for the stunning scenery we saw along the way, but also for the time we had to get to know our schoolmates and their spouses.  We appreciate that the majority of our schoolmates were not able to join us for this adventure, but hopefully, this journal will in some small way allow many to participate. 

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