Juneau is a city of about 30,000 residents, squeezed between Mt. Juneay and the Gastineau Channel.  It has been the capital of Alaska since 1906, and is a busy fishing port.  Cruise ships visit Juneau to give tourists a look at the quaint town, as well as to see the Mendenhall Glacier, which calves 12 miles north of the town. 

In our group, Phil and Joyce Lynn went whale watching, while the rest of us caught a city bus to see the glacier.


Approaching Juneau

Approaching Juneau

photo: Don Webster

Mendenhall Glacier

Tom McQuade, Phil Johnson, Jim Peterson, Debbie Johnson, Joyce Peterson, Jennifer McQuade, Don Webster, Jojo Nelson, Doug Nelson

photo: Phil Johnson

Ice Exhibit

photo: Phil Johnson

Mendenhall trail

The path to the Mendenhall Glacier

photo: Don Webster

Nugget Falls brings pounding melt from ice high on the mountain.

photo: Phil Johnson

Nugget Falls

Joyce Peterson gets a closeup.

photo: Don Webster

Jennifer at Nugget Falls

Tom and Jennifer at Nugget Falls

photo: Joyce Peterson

Mendenhall Glacier- from falls

A thin fog lies on the cold water at the base of the Mendenhall Glacier.

photo: Don Webster

Closer view Mendenhall Glacier

A closer view of the glacier where it calves into the inlet.

photo: Phil Johnson

Waterfall within Mendenhall Glacier

A waterfall at the right side of the glacier empties crevasses of their melt.

photo: Phil Johnson

Mendenhall Glacier Doug and Jojo

Jojo and Doug Nelson at the Mendenhall Glacier

photo: Jojo Nelson

Departing Juneau

Jennifer McQuade watches as we depart Juneau

photo: Jim Peterson
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